Building Maintenance Division

Building Maintenance Division

We perform a wide range of building maintenance services including electrical, mechanical and civil works. We believe in maximizing the efficiency of our workforce with meticulous planning and preparation.

Maintenance Services (Electrical & Mechanical)

Following are the services we provide -

    • Changing of lights/Relocation of lights.
    • Addition/Removal of power sockets.
    • Identification and rectification of cable faults/breaker faults.
    • Supply, installation and repairing of A/C (split units, window units & ducted units).
    • Rectification of water leaks from existing plumbing.
    • Addition/Removal of water taps, shower trays, bathtubs, wash basin, floor traps etc.
    • Cleaning of water tanks.
    • Repair/Replace water pumps, booster pumps etc.
    • Repair/Replacement of Irrigation water pipes.
    • Checking fire alarm system; Replacing damaged smoke detectors.
    • Checking fire hose reel to ensure the fire pumps are in good working condition.
    • Checking CCTV cameras and ensuring that the recording is functional.
    • Additional points for internet & telephone in different rooms/floors as per customer requirement.

Maintenance Services (Civil)

    • Changing of damaged floor tiles.
    • Construction of new partition walls.
    • Replacing of damaged interlock tiles.
    • Replacing damaged doors & windows.
    • Installation of pergolas, balustrades etc.
    • Re-designing & re-building existing homes to the satisfaction of clients.
    • Painting works.